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FAQ sur le coaching en développement personnel et la réflexologie 

  • 1- Is the first coaching session really free?
    In coaching, yes, the first session is free because it will allow us to identify what you want to work on in particular, define the conditions of our sessions and finally conclude our partnership.
  • 2- Is facial reflexology really suitable for children?
    Yes, it is a practice that is suitable for children. I adapted the basic protocol of a session to suit her needs. But it is only in the presence of this one that I can really judge what should be done and all that obviously depends on his goodwill. This is why his consent is essential for the smooth running of a session. (From 6 years old). As with adults, we can work on problems with falling asleep, waking up at night or stress or more specific things such as ear infections, which can be problematic at this age.
  • 3- How does a coaching session work?
    I would like to remind you that this is not a psychotherapy work. We are therefore going to work on the objective that you will have set yourself previously. Through questioning, we will establish the different perspectives and the means to be implemented to achieve this. But also by analyzing the reasons that are holding you back. Depending on the progress of the sessions, you will be required to use different tools that I will suggest to you. The sessions end with a small update on what happened and with a proposal for reflection to have for the next session. Of course all this is not fixed and there are sometimes adaptations to be made....We are not machines, it's just to give you an idea.
  • 4- What is the payment procedure?
    You can pay by credit card or via Paypal.
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